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Thoughts and Opinions

My dad: A man in a woman's world


Beth BrittonThe fact that dementia disproportionally affects women didn't come as any surprise to me. In the last nine years of my dad's life with dementia he was surrounded by women, most notably myself and my mum, but also my half-sister, fellow care home residents who were predominantly female, visitors to his three care homes who were mostly women, female care workers, nurses, doctors, physios, chefs, housekeeping staff, activity co-ordinators, entertainers and therapeutic practitioners.  read more ...

Valuing women staff in dementia care


Beatrice GoodwinCare homes have had a very bad press lately, but we must not forget those homes which provide good care. I have met many care assistants in residential and nursing homes who provide an excellent service. Most are middle-aged women with no academic qualifications to speak of, yet whose intuitive and empathic reactions to people with dementia are appropriate, caring and imaginative....  read more ...

Dementia and feminism


Rachel Thompson Is dementia a feminist issue?

Does even considering this, risk creating a separate agenda for women that could leave men feeling excluded? ...  read more ...

Supporting women with dementia


Jen Marks By nature I am rather carefree and upbeat and although it is important for me to remain so when I am in my support role, I am also aware of the need to demonstrate sensitivity when recounting my weekly escapades! These Lovely ladies are not able to lead the full life that I am blessed with. As a support worker to woman of a similar age to myself, I am profoundly aware of this....  read more ...

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