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Thoughts and Opinions

Dementia and Advance Decisions


Sue WilkinsonThe death in May 2014 of Sandra Bem, pioneering researcher on gender stereotyping, sent shockwaves through the feminist psychology community. The news that she took her own life at the age of 69, four years after receiving an Alzheimer's diagnosis attracted – variously - disbelief, distress, and admiration. A set of commentaries and reflections prompted by her death will be published in the academic journal, Feminism & Psychology, in early 2015....  read more ...

The female social care workforce deserve a better deal


Have you followed the media interest in zero-hour contracts – and noticed how often the care sector is mentioned? Recently, the LGIU's website published a particularly insightful and moving series of blog postings, where over one week a home care worker chronicled each working day, all 15+ hours of it, mainly supporting people with dementia with complex needs. She documents a cruel lack of regard from her employers for her stamina or circumstances, and by implication the needs of the people whom she's supporting.  read more ...

Why are there only men at this meeting?


Manuela SkyesA few years ago, I met an extraordinary women. I still don't know how she came to know about Innovations in Dementia, but it was Manuela who contacted us.  read more ...

Dementia – a feminist issue?


Philly HareAs Programme Manager for JRF's Ageing Society work, I know that women are disadvantaged in so many ways as they enter later life. Sexism and ageism can create a 'double whammy'. As Imogen Blood has pointed out; "'Old dears' are typically women. ...  read more ...

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