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Thoughts and Opinions

Supporting women with dementia


Jen Marks By nature I am rather carefree and upbeat and although it is important for me to remain so when I am in my support role, I am also aware of the need to demonstrate sensitivity when recounting my weekly escapades! These Lovely ladies are not able to lead the full life that I am blessed with. As a support worker to woman of a similar age to myself, I am profoundly aware of this....  read more ...

Two Women


Janet DeanThere are so many things to think about, to try to capture, in women's experience of dementia. It is an area in which I have been professionally involved for well over 20 years, but my personal experience, and the personal relationships I make through my work are where I find meaning about dementia, so in this piece I am going to share some thoughts about two of my close relatives....  read more ...

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