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Thoughts and Opinions

A young carer's story - one of the statistics


Sophie and her grandparentsThree people in my family have or have had dementia. I lost my great grandfather to dementia at the age of 12. He was 94 years of age and just wanted to give up. My maternal grandparent's cared for him, until he had his leg amputated and developed dementia. From then on he was in a care home. I remember helping out a little bit with this when I was younger. I didn't do as much as I do now though....  read more ...

Wives talk about their experiences


June, Janice and JoanThis paper considers the unique 'stories' of three wives of men diagnosed with dementia in the Salford area of Greater Manchester based on their experiences and thoughts ...  read more ...

The ladies of Nubian Life


Nubian Life Our ladies are strong, proud women; women, who have owned businesses, raised families and cared for others.  read more ...

Three generations of women


Sarah and Poppy ReedSarah:
When I think about Mum I see her in a few different places, but somehow all at the same time. In all of the mental snapshots, she is seated.

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