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Thoughts and Opinions

Images of dementia


Lorna's mumWhen my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 66, one of the clear thoughts that stood out amongst the jumble of emotions knocking me sideways was that I would not now witness her with dementia. My maternal grandmother had developed dementia, as had her mother. I hadn't known either of these close relatives but woven through the accounts of family health were threads of dementia and the suggestion that this 'illness' was sewn into the genes of the female line....  read more ...

Three generations of women


Sarah and Poppy ReedSarah:
When I think about Mum I see her in a few different places, but somehow all at the same time. In all of the mental snapshots, she is seated.

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The daughter's tale


Ella was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in her 70's a few months before her husband died.  read more ...

The family tug-of-love balance


Jane's parentsWhen I was asked if I would like to write something about women and dementia, my mind immediately leapt to the tug-of-love that many of us face in balancing our various roles as women in the family.  read more ...

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