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The living and caring experience


He wakes up and finds me sitting by his bed; his smile is seraphic. He says he has had a lovely sleep. It is unusual for him to sleep like this in the afternoon but the carers say he was very tired. Maybe he did not sleep well last night.  read more ...

Researching women and dementia: Duties or expectations to care?


Prof Liz Peel Dr Rosie Harding According to the Office of National Statistics 11.8 per cent of women in England provide unpaid care, compared to 8.9 per cent of men, and therefore women undertake 58 per cent of unpaid care work for older people (ONS, 2011). In our own (non-representative) sample of 185 people caring for a loved one living with a dementia 69 per cent of carers were women (Harding and Peel, 2013; Peel and Harding, 2014). ...  read more ...

Caring comes from the heart


Alise KirtleySomeone I met recently described older adult care as stuck in a time warp of sexist attitudes, where all older people are viewed as "your quintessential little old lady" and all care is seen derogatorily as "women's work". Sadly, I do think there's still some truth in this when it comes to perceptions and assumptions of society in general.  read more ...

Too clever to care, or too caring to be clever?


(Or 'Do-ers can be thinkers too')

On leaving school aged 17 to start my nurse training, I knew I wanted to be a nurse. I felt it.

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