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Thoughts and Opinions


Women's roles as mothers and daughters


Janet's mumOne of the features of my mother's dementia is that she has lost a sense of the relationship between people. She knows who they are but age and the signs of ageing don't appear to make a lot of difference, so she becomes confused about who 'belongs' to whom, sometimes believing that she is the child and I am the mother. But if I visit her with one of my daughters, she cannot sequence the generations....  read more ...

Two Women


Janet DeanThere are so many things to think about, to try to capture, in women's experience of dementia. It is an area in which I have been professionally involved for well over 20 years, but my personal experience, and the personal relationships I make through my work are where I find meaning about dementia, so in this piece I am going to share some thoughts about two of my close relatives....  read more ...

A sister's story


He looks at me but does not know my name
I am his sister; to him everyone is the same
He looks surprised when I kiss his cheek
He relaxes a little, until I speak.  read more ...

The daughter's tale


Ella was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in her 70's a few months before her husband died.  read more ...

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