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Thoughts and Opinions


Wives talk about their experiences


June, Janice and JoanThis paper considers the unique 'stories' of three wives of men diagnosed with dementia in the Salford area of Greater Manchester based on their experiences and thoughts ...  read more ...

Circles of support


Alison MacadamRecent experience of working on a project with people with dementia, their carers, families and friends has raised some questions and thoughts about how women are affected by dementia – and how this can differ from the experiences of men. ...  read more ...

Dementia and feminism


Rachel Thompson Is dementia a feminist issue?

Does even considering this, risk creating a separate agenda for women that could leave men feeling excluded? ...  read more ...

The living and caring experience


He wakes up and finds me sitting by his bed; his smile is seraphic. He says he has had a lovely sleep. It is unusual for him to sleep like this in the afternoon but the carers say he was very tired. Maybe he did not sleep well last night.  read more ...

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