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Women's identity: who cares?


But for me the greatest tragedy of dementia is its effect on identity and relationships.

And I would suggest that society more readily grasps the loss of identity experienced by men – living with dementia or in a caring role - because it equates the man's self with his public role: doctor, engineer, lawyer, sportsman, driver, head teacher, famous author. Something active and respected, the loss of which is visible to the outside world....  read more ...

South Asian women and caring for a family member with dementia: some reflections from the Sikh community in Wolverhampton


Karan JutllaThe Alzheimer's Society tells us that two thirds of the people living with dementia in the UK are women and many research papers state that most family carers and those paid to care for people with dementia are also women. Furthermore, research on dementia in South Asian communities in the UK tells us that the majority of family carers are in fact daughters-in-law who tend to remain hidden from services due to their husbands usually being classed at the registered carer (the person known to services). ...  read more ...

Dementia and Advance Decisions


Sue WilkinsonThe death in May 2014 of Sandra Bem, pioneering researcher on gender stereotyping, sent shockwaves through the feminist psychology community. The news that she took her own life at the age of 69, four years after receiving an Alzheimer's diagnosis attracted – variously - disbelief, distress, and admiration. A set of commentaries and reflections prompted by her death will be published in the academic journal, Feminism & Psychology, in early 2015....  read more ...

Images of dementia


Lorna's mumWhen my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 66, one of the clear thoughts that stood out amongst the jumble of emotions knocking me sideways was that I would not now witness her with dementia. My maternal grandmother had developed dementia, as had her mother. I hadn't known either of these close relatives but woven through the accounts of family health were threads of dementia and the suggestion that this 'illness' was sewn into the genes of the female line....  read more ...

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