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Thoughts and Opinions

A Global Perspective on the Impact of Dementia on Women


In March 2015 the World Health Organisation held its first Ministerial Conference on Global Action Against Dementia. Most countries, however, are a long way from really addressing the growing impact of dementia, and especially the impact on women....  read more ...

My dad: A man in a woman's world


Beth BrittonThe fact that dementia disproportionally affects women didn't come as any surprise to me. In the last nine years of my dad's life with dementia he was surrounded by women, most notably myself and my mum, but also my half-sister, fellow care home residents who were predominantly female, visitors to his three care homes who were mostly women, female care workers, nurses, doctors, physios, chefs, housekeeping staff, activity co-ordinators, entertainers and therapeutic practitioners.  read more ...

Designing technology for and by women


Hazel Boyd Nina Evans We advocate better technology for everyone and believe inclusive design is the only way forward, so we work with end-users, carers and health professionals to help us understand the problem, find a solution and test it in real life situations.  read more ...

An interpretive perspective


Isabella LuthraDuring my first two years as a medical student, if I had been asked to write a piece about women and dementia, I would have probably felt it necessary to write about the anatomy and physiology behind the disease process, the risk factors affecting women and treatment options. However, having just completed a social science degree in Gerontology, I now realise that having this strictly biomedical approach is somewhat (if not totally) naïve.  read more ...

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