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Women and dementia: Women's experiences of dementia

We have been talking to women - women with dementia, women who are caring for people with dementia and women working in care.

Women's Experiences of Dementia - front cover

We hope that these stories will be a resource for others to use to explore these issues further.

View PDF of the book from the project: Women's experiences of dementia (Adobe PDF, 1.2MB)

Thoughts and Opinions
An unexpected spin off the statistics about dementia

I remember sitting with colleagues where I worked at Help the Aged (before it merged with Age Concern) eight or nine years ago. We were talking about the charity's future and discussing which issue, pertinent to our ageing society, might provide a focus for the charity if it had to focus on one topic. We picked 'dementia', knowing it affects more than 800,000 people in the UK, that many live people with undiagnosed disease and that there is no treatment or cure. Much shaking of heads. The public might put dementia in the 'too difficult' box. ...  read more ...

More thoughts and opinions ...

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